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Life as we know it – event at ICL


– Enter the frontier science of synthetic biology at our next Imperial Fringe. A date with discovery not to be missed!

21 Mar 2013
Time:  17:30 – 20:30
Venue: College Main Entrance, Exhibition Road
Campus: South Kensington Campus
Related Faculty: College
Audience: Open to all
Event type: General
Ticket: Drop in
Contact: Harriet Martin

The final fringe before the 2013 Imperial Festival enters the frontier science of synthetic biology.

Fusing engineering, biology, technology and design, synthetic biology touches on every aspect of our lives.  From parasites to yeast and ethics to biofuel, meet the researchers at the forefront of this new world and challenge your conception of life as you know it.

A pay bar will be open throughout.

Activities include:

  • Join Professors Richard Kitney and Paul Freemont, Co-directors of Imperial’s Centre of Synthetic Biology and Innovation, to learn what synthetic biology is and how it has emerged from the fusing of engineering with biology.
  • Can we control whether a beer is clear and crisp or cloudy and fruitful using synthetic DNA? Find out with synthetic biologist Dr Tom Ellis.
  • Parasites and pathogens that change colour?  Find out how sensors for water borne parasites and pathogens have the potential to change how we see disease with research officer Kirsten Jensen, PhD students Ke Yan Wen, Nicolas Kylilis and Dr Alex Webb.
  • Try your hand assembling DNA in a virtual lab, as biochemist Dr Geoff Baldwin lets you take over the robotics in the Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation.
  • Get to the root of soil erosion with Auxin, a project that enhances root growth.  Uncover the future for our trees with Nicolas Kral and bioengineer James Field.
  • Taste the future of our tomatoes as Professor Stephen Muggleton teams up with Syngenta to show how systems biology is helping to tackle the future of our agriculture.
  • View a unique exhibition from six teams of undergraduates who have used synthetic biology to inspire projects about everything from a fridge to a sculpture of anthrax.  The display forms part of the Visualising Global Challengesproject led by Dr Elizabeth Hauke, which contributes to the new Horizons program.
  • Fabric made from spider-silk and glowing agar plates?  JoinDr Travis Bayer for a look into the future of materials formed using synthetic biology.
  • Get up close with a fermenter and see how Dr Karen Polizzi’s team is designing news ways to monitor organisms used as biological production lines.
  • Marvel at the potential to change waste into biofuel using reengineered bugs from compost heaps with bioengineer Benjamin Reeve.

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