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Synthetic biology provides “exciting investment opportunity”


Synthetic biology firms becoming attractive to investors – Midven

The team behind Midven’s Rainbow Seed Fund, a £24m early stage venture capital pot for UK tech companies, said synthetic biology is now providing an “exciting investment opportunity”.

Companies in the field of synthetic biology were developing out of the laboratory and into the commercial world, according to Dr Andrew Muir, Rainbow Seed Fund’s principal and a director of Birmingham-based Midven.

“In the past few years, we have seen a burgeoning number of start-ups based on synthetic biology,” Muir said.

The Rainbow fund has worked with a number of partners, including the University of Warwick, to help communicate a better understanding of the field of synthetic biology

Muir added: “Synthetic biology is the engineering of biology allowing us to develop new technologies which have a positive impact across a range of sectors.

“Turning this technology into profitable companies is no simple matter, but we are now at a point where many of those technologies are suitable for broad commercial application, making these companies attractive to investors.”

The Rainbow Seed Fund has supported more than 30 technology start-up companies in a range of sectors.

Source from: Investor Media


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